Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flagship Post

Welcome to The Rabid Feminist (Watch out! This feminism is highly contagious).  As this is my flagship post, I'd like to set some ground rules and expectations for the future posts on this blog:

        Everyone is sexist. Including me. Including you. Including your sister.  As feminists, it is our job to recognize this in ourselves and others and to work to correct our own biases and the biases we see around us.  The problem is not some nebulous patriarchy forcing oppression on us. It is us – all of us.
        I care about science, statistics and hard evidence.  A lot of feminist arguments read like emotional reactions, because we feel sexism so acutely.  But often these situations are backed up by hard evidence that we're not seeing.  I would like this blog to be a resource for skeptics. And to that end, I intend to offer scientific foundations to my arguments, and strive to offer a fair and critical response to the material I post here.
        Feminism means gender equality; that includes men's rights.  Men are just as affected by gender roles and sexism as women are.  We need to take men's rights seriously. We can't work towards gender equality if we only want to make one gender “equal”; we can't change a culture if we ignore half the people who are part of it.

Obligatory Terms of Service Warning: I appreciate comments, especially ones which offer new information or perspectives; however, please keep your posts respectful.  Inappropriate and offensive posts will be removed immediately.

If you have any thoughts, concerns, questions, or comments, please contact me at:
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